I am an expert


Dany Rodrik

Sympathique initiative que celle de « Five Books », site sur lequel un expert vante quotidiennement les mérites de 5 livres qui, dans son domaine de compétence,  lui semblent incontournables.

Dany Rodrik, spécialiste de la mondialisation, s’est livré à l’exercice (lire ici).

Sa « reading list » témoigne du regard critique que  l’économiste porte sur « l’hyperglobalisation » (financière) et d’une approche où politique et économie sont étroitement imbriquées: « Economists have a tendency to think of economic globalisation as something that emerges purely out of the instinct of humans to want to barter and exchange. What the book shows is that the ebb and flow of globalisation have been intimately linked with military conflict, with the rise of political power, with competition among the great powers. And we miss a lot of the picture if we don’t understand that behind economic globalisation of any kind is a certain structure of political power« .

Mention spéciale au livre de Peter Singer (« One world: the ethics of globalization ») qui donne à D. Rodrick l’occasion de penser les migrations internationales en des termes salutaires: » On the basis of efficiency – economic efficiency – the greatest unexplored frontier of economic globalisation is mobility of workers around the world. Trade is substantially free, finance and capital are substantially free – but try to leave Bangladesh and go to work in the US. It’s impossible. If you wanted to both increase the efficiency of resource utilisation in the world economy and at the same time do something for the world’s poorest, there is nothing we could do that would have as big an impact as allowing some of the Bangladeshi workers to take up jobs in the advanced countries of the world. Now I wouldn’t go so far as to say you should allow complete mobility of labour, because I do think it’s appropriate for rich societies to put some weight on the consequences for their own workers. But I think we’re so far in the other corner, that certainly a smallish relaxation of these visa restrictions to allow more workers from poor countries to come and work in the rich countries would definitely be a good idea ».



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